Raymond: Denise? You sit there. Deanne there. Paulette here...
Jacques: Let's dance in the meantime.

 (Cecile & Jacques walks to the dancefloor.)

Jacques: May l take you to the races tomorrow?
Cecile: l'd love to go, thank you.

Cecile (OS):
After the races he'll take me to dinner and dancing again.
And on Thursday to the tennis matches.
And on Sunday to the country.
What a waste of time, dear Jacques.
What a hopeless waste of time.

He's attractive. And he's nice. And l'd like to warn him... 
but he wouldn't understand that l can't feel anything he might be interested in.
Because l'm surrounded by a wall.
An invisible wall made of memories l can't lose.

Raymond: Hey, how about a dance?
Jacques: Half a dance?
Raymond: Better than none.

(Raymond takes Cecile to his arms.)

Raymond: He likes you.
Cecile: He's very charming. How's Denise?
Raymond: Great girl! This is gonna be a fun evening.
Cecile: Yes, wonderful.
Raymond: lt's wonderful luck having you for a daughter.
Cecile: The luck runs both ways, sir.

Cecile (OS):
But even with my father
it isn't the same anymore.
Nothing is.
Will l ever be happy again?
As l was at the beginning of that wonderful summer on the Riviera...just a year ago?




From the film "Bonjour Tristesse" (1958)
Performed by Juliette Greco

I live with melancholy
My friend is vague distress
I wake up every morning
And say, "Bonjour tristesse"

The street I walk is sadness
My house has no address
The letters that I write me
Begin "Bonjour tristesse"

The loss of a lover is pain
Sharp and bitter to recall
I've lost no casual lover
I have no pain from which to recover
I've lost me, that is all

My smile is void of laughter
My kiss has no caress
I'm faithful to my lover
My bitter-sweet tristesse




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